Business Valuation Services

What is your business worth today?

How quickly can you realistically sell your business?

What can you do to increase the value by 20-50%?

What are the values drivers you should focus on today to increase the business's value?

Business Valuation Options:

The key to achieving maximum value for your business begins with understanding what it is worth in today's marketplace. We have the extensive experience and resources to properly complete a valuation of your business.

We have a proven track record of helping companies successfully determine the value of their unique businesses.  Ninety percent of the time the Opinion of Value report below will be ideal and provide you a deep understanding of the business's value and exactly how you can increase that value!  It's not enough for us to tell you what it is worth we want to tell you how to fix or grow that value by 20% to 50% in the next year or two.

Depending upon your need we provide two different levels of business valuation services:

  • Opinion of Value Report – Most Popular (Comprehensive 24+ page report utilizing multiple valuation methodologies with supporting evidence) Learn what price your competitors are actually selling their businesses for. You also learn whether or not that price you think it's worth is fair and reasonable. Will you have enough money to retire? Find out now while you have time to increase the value of your business with our top 5 recommendations tailored to your company.
  • Certified Business Valuation (Stock Sale, Divorce, Legal Matters, IRS) We can provide these to you when that level of supporting detail is required due to the legal disputes or bank requirements.  These cost about three times the price of an Opinion of Value report.

Understanding the present market value of your business is the very first step in helping you decide whether you should sell your business and if so what is a fair price.

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Disclaimer: Do not order an Opinion of Value report for legal disputes, divorces, bank loans, or any legal matter. In this case, you will need a Certified Business Valuation and you'll need to call us for a price quote.

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