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"I recognize Edison Avenue as the clear leader for Mergers & Acquisitions."

– Joseph Warren

"In less than a month, there were five buyer inquiries"

– Debra Stuckey

"Ed was a calming force, especially for me, as I made the biggest business decision of my life."

– Lucas Pemberton

"Edison Avenue was able to get the full asking price and the right buyer that I was very happy with and who would take care of my employees and customers."

– Perry Mead

"Ed and his team did a fantastic job of finding a qualified, competent buyer."

– Jay Anthony

"Edward was there for us every step of the way coaching us through and helping us understand the process. He continually encouraged us to keep our efforts focused on running the business while he took care of the sales process. He negotiated the sale of the business and 4000 sq. ft. office building as a package deal!"

– Debra Stuckey