What Our Clients Say?

"His firm’s focus, rigor and determination will allow him to lead whatever he is tasked with and he will not settle for anything but the best results."

- R. Berens

"Ed is a highly skilled and extremely ethical professional. I strongly urge that you work with Edison Avenue, take their counsel and trust in their efforts. They are the best."

- D. Beabout

"I wholeheartedly endorse Ed as a top business leader and strategic thinker."

- G. Lorton

"He is a trusted leader, advisor, and a true asset to those surrounding him."

- M. Johnson


"In addition to his professional qualities and capabilities, he is a genuinely "nice guy” both to know and to work with!"

- D. Boos

"Edison Avenue is able to maintain a keen focus on your goals and have the ability to keep the “big picture” in perspective. I have known Ed for a good number of years and have always appreciated the firms insight professionally and personally."

- T. Kelly

"Their professionalism and integrity are evident not only in their success, but also in how they deal with challenging situations."

- L. Warner

"After 23 years of owning and operating a service company I was burned out and ready to move on. Luckily, I met Edward Valaitis at a business meeting and expressed my interest in his services. From day one, Ed was always polite, patient, professional and a subject matter expert. A few months after I put it for sale with Ed a buyer expressed interest in my company. The buyer was very demanding, had many questions, and required a lot of information from me. Not only did Ed work endless hours as a liaison between the buyer and me, he helped me put the buyer’s requests in perspective and work through his demands. Ed always had a positive outlook and kept things moving forward. He was supportive and thoroughly understands that selling a business that you built from the ground up is an emotional experience".

"Ed was there every step of the way. He set agendas, attended, and moderated all the meetings I had with the buyer which helped me feel more prepared and comfortable."

"He used his professional network to make sure I had the best tax, legal and accounting advice."

"He worked endlessly to answer questions from the buyer for months without any guarantee of a sale."

"We had evening meetings to discuss the buyer’s offer and he helped me negotiate terms."

"He supported me throughout the process but was really there for me during the last week before we closed. With the demands of running my business, the requests from the buyer, his attorney, and my own attorney, I was feeling very stressed and felt like I was sinking. Ed came to my office and helped me with the requests from the buyer."

"He was with me to the end and attended the closing at the buyer’s attorney’s office. It felt good to have him there because I knew he was looking out for me."

"In the end, my business was sold for near asking price. I have been able to move on and focus on the next chapter of my life. If I ever need to sell a business in the future, there is nobody I would rather have represent me than Ed Valaitis. I could not have sold my business as quickly or for the same price on my own."