Why Do Business Owners Sense They Are Playing Checkers in a Chess World

Edison Avenue launches new service line providing virtual Corporate Development Officer services. Organic business revenue growth is not enough; companies need a strategic growth plan in today’s tepid economy. 

As Sun Tzu said in his ancient book The Art of War, “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Traditional sales and marketing generated sales are very important to a business’s health, but it’s no longer enough to remain viable in many industries. Business owners today face the triple vice of rapid technological advancement, talent wars and increasing competition. It’s true that companies must grow or die – there is forward or backward, but no standing still any business. 

This new Edison Avenue service is particularly relevant in maturing industries when the demand for products or services has stagnated. Also, companies suffering from the law of large numbers, where the revenue base is substantial and generating high percentage growth is difficult. Psychological self-protection can also take hold as a company gets larger, creating more pressure to preserve the core business and less willingness to innovate and take risks. Each of these conditions can pose a threat to the long-term health of a company.

Most business owners do not adequately understand how to address the 3B business growth dilemma – Build – Buy – Borrow. The Buy reference acquiring another business and Borrow is strategic alliances, licensing and other leveraged relationships.  

The smartest and best organizations often have a Corporate Development function, which until now has been unaffordable to smaller companies. This function/position usually reports to the CEO and leads strategic growth including: M&A, Joint Ventures, Capability Acquisition, and Licensing/Franchising to exponentially grow business sales beyond the limits of traditional organic sales growth. 

The financial fruits of this role and function can be incredible.

This role is often the “secret ingredient” that private equity firms deploy is adding this function to triple or quadruple the value of the companies they acquire. Edward Valaitis said: “Why leave all the upside on the table for the investors that may acquire your business one day?”

Edison Avenue provides Business Sale, Business Valuation and Growth Strategy Consulting services. Specializing in harvesting the enterprise value of companies with revenue between $2 million and $25 million.

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Edward Valaitis Managing Director of Edison Avenue has earned his Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), Certified Merger & Acquisition Professional (CMAP), Certified Value Builder (CVB). He has more than 25 years of experience building, managing, and selling companies with expertise in business transactions, business valuations and growing businesses. Business Broker serving the United States based in Tampa and Destin, Florida.