Nothing affects a business sale like public awareness. Unlike the positive aspects advertising can create in real estate, public knowledge of a business sale can cause competitors and employees to behave poorly and negatively impact your business. There is no foolproof way to ensure 100% confidentiality, but our processes and attention to detail minimize this possibility.

We understand this better than anyone else. With Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisors on staff, we follow the strictest code of ethics, safety measures, and professional standards. Therefore, we have developed unique and strict processes to help you keep your business sale confidential until you choose to announce it to employees and the public preferably after the business is sold.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and Confidentiality Agreement requirement
  • Screening of Buyers including Financial Review
  • Blind advertisements and teaser flyers that camouflage the identity of your business
  • Database with over 8,000 qualified and active business buyers

Our Confidential Process

Our approach is to sell your business while maintaining a maximum amount of privacy for as long as possible to protect your confidential information. That is why our confidentiality process starts day one and we continue the confidentiality process through the end of the sale.

All buyers are screened and given a financial review. The potential buyer signs a confidentiality agreement to keep them from disclosing any proprietary information about your business.

Buyer and Seller meeting is set up at a convenient time for the seller. These meetings are held after-hours at your location. This ensures confidentiality in the meeting and also keeps your employees from accidentally walking in on the meeting. If the meeting would be more convenient during business hours, our private, in-house conference rooms are available for use.

The Buyer and Seller meeting is the chance for you to interview the prospective Buyer and find out if you are comfortable with them becoming the future owner of your company. We seek to establish mutual trust, respect, and understanding in the very first meeting between the buyer and seller. This common ground helps all future negotiations and is necessary for the successful win/win sale of the business.

We keep all information about your process and transaction under wraps until you and the buyer want it known.