Business Acquisition Services

Acquisition Services at a Glance:

  • Develop a targeted acquisition plan
  • Evaluation of acquisition targets
  • Pro-active targeting of qualified companies
  • Analysis and optimization buying process
  • ROI analysis
  • Internal and external negotiation advisor
  • Change management post acquisition

Our unique M&A Advisor methodology will help you define clarify your goals, prepare you for business ownership, and locate the business that is just right for you. Our resources including a massive database of business owners, merger & acquisition professionals, and organizations we belong to that give you an edge.  We help you examine the cash flow, profitability, potential pitfalls, and other factors important in considering a business opportunity. We can also recommend excellent accounting and law firms to help you with the due diligence process.

With experience in all areas of business brokerage, mergers & acquisitions, commercial lending, and financial analysis you can count on us for sound advice.

"We'd rather you not buy a business from us than buy the wrong one for you and your investors.  - Edward Valaitis"