A Word of Caution When Hiring Professional Advisors

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for professional advisors like accountants, attorneys or tax advisors to be deal killers.  Their training and core competency is to protect and advise their clients about minimizing financial, legal, and or tax risks. Many do not want to give risky advice, such as encouraging you to accept an offer, and possibly lose a customer or generate ill will if something goes wrong with the deal. The safe answer is always no. The “right” answer may be yes or it may be no.

Selling or buying a business does come with significant risk. It is therefore not unusual for a professional advisor attorney, accountant or tax advisor to offer conservative advice.  If both the buyer and seller receive overly conservative advice there is a real risk the “deal gap” between the two sides will become a Grand Canyon.  Don’t let what may be the opportunity of a life time to buy a business or sell a business be destroyed by well-intended, but short-sighted advice that doesn’t meet your primary objective.

Bottom line: Let’s be clear a great accountant and/or attorney can be an indispensible part of your deal team, but make sure they are pragmatic and have significant business sales experience this is no time for amateurs.  It is important that your advisors are brought into the discussions at an early stage and have a complete grasp of the situation.  Make sure you have advisors who will give you balanced advice on how to achieve your primary goal, not just how to avoid every conceivable risk. No risk, no reward.

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