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Why Do Business Owners Sense They Are Playing Checkers in a Chess World

Edison Avenue Business Owners Playing Checkers Instead of Chess
Edison Avenue launches new service line providing virtual Corporate Development Officer services. Organic business revenue growth is not enough; companies need a strategic growth plan in today’s tepid economy.  As Sun Tzu said in his ancient book The Art of War, “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Traditional sales and marketing generated sales are very important…

Insurance Implications When Selling Your Business

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The majority of entrepreneurs and most people in general dread talking about insurance. They are unclear on if they have enough or how much coverage they need, and it always seems to cost more than what you were anticipating. However, there are some important things that you should keep in mind when it comes to…

7 Reasons to Avoid Signing a Letter of Intent

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Edison Avenue, a M&A Advisor, has had enough of witnessing entrepreneurs giving away their net worth to private equity groups, family offices, and other sophisticated investors. The unspoken truth is that many former business owners don’t talk about out of embarrassment that they fell into one of these costly traps.   1.  Invisible Ink:  Frequently a letter of…

To Sell Your Business or Not in The Era of COVID

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Every single business has been affected in some way by the pandemic, and may be considering whether now may be a good time to sell your business. Many have suffered significantly reduced revenues; some are flat, and some are up 20% to 40%. As a business owner, you have a lot of tactical decisions and…

How to Sell Your Business for 25% More (ie: Find Your Pot of Gold)

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How much is my business worth? I am always asked that question when meeting with business owners for the first time who are looking to sell. That of course, depends on a variety of factors like profits, sales, assets, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) and other business valuation metrics. However, a surprisingly…

How To Triple The Value Of Your Company & Sell It.

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CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO – Learn how to boost the value of your business. How to best sell your business? Do you need a business valuation?

The Silver Bullet to Increasing Business Value

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Recurring revenue is the brass ring for CEO’s looking to maximize value and create an easily sellable company. Learn how to secure stable and predictable cash flow in your business. A customer base with recurring revenue that is contractual increases the odds that the business will be able to accurately project revenues and cash flow…

Business Growth: Got a CDO?

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Have you ever had the sense you are playing checkers with your business in a chess world? If so read on… Do you have a Corporate Development Officer? If not, you should ask yourself why. Organic business growth is not enough; you need a strategic growth plan in today’s rapid growth rate economy. As Sun…

A Love Letter

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The following letter from one of our clients is an example of why our team works so hard every day to fulfill the dreams and goals of our clients. We are passionate about being useful and contributing to the happiness of our clients lives. To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that…

What Does $10 Million Dollar Leadership Look Like?

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On a beautiful sunny day in the summer of 2002 I found myself in a large meeting room with the top 120 executives of Textron, a Fortune 200 company.  (The company is best known for its Bell Helicopter, Textron Automotive, Cessna Aircraft and E-Z Go golf carts as well as its role in producing the…

"Edward was there for us every step of the way coaching us through and helping us understand the process. He continually encouraged us to keep our efforts focused on running the business while he took care of the sales process.  He negotiated the sale of the business and 4,000 sq. ft. office building as a package deal!"

– Debra Stuckey, Information Technology Co.