Pearls of Wisdom Tips on Selling a Business

As we begin the holiday weekend I thought this was a great time to reflect on some tips on business selling a business and a little humor from business brokerage industry guru Tom West.

  • “The first offer is almost always the best one!”
  • “The real selling price is half-way between what the seller thinks it’s worth and what the buyer thinks it is.”
  • “The figure the seller provides for annual sales is usually the best year the business hador even the figure the seller thinks the business is capable of doing.”
  • “The profit the business can make is what the seller dreamed up in his or her wildest dream.”
  • “It’s true that 90 percent of buyers will buy something other than what they first were interested in.”
  • “If the business buyer’s wife is opposed to her husband
    buying a business, there will be no deal. The reverse is not true, but a wife will buy a business regardless of her husband’s opinion.”
  • “Only one out of 12 to 15 interested potential buyers will result  in a sale.”
  • “Every business sale falls apart at least twice before it closes.”

I’ve added a few tips on the subject of selling your business to increase your profits and joy in your life.

  • To win big, sell your business long before you need to.
  • What you invested or paid for it is a sunk cost and has no bearing positive or negative on value.
  • Remember it’s not just price, but terms that make a good deal.
  • You can replace money, but you cannot replace time.  Choose wisely.
  • Understand the difference between what you want and what you need.
  • Hope is not a strategy so take action.

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