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Insurance Implications When Selling Your Business

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The majority of entrepreneurs and most people in general dread talking about insurance. They are unclear on if they have enough or how much coverage they need, and it always seems to cost more than what you were anticipating. However, there are some important things that you should keep in mind when it comes to…

How To Triple The Value Of Your Company & Sell It.

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CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO – Learn how to boost the value of your company. How to best sell your business? Do you need a business valuation? The M&A Advisors at Edison Avenue complete business valuations, package your business for sale, implement a comprehensive marketing strategy, access our database of 8,000 buyers, and manage the entire selling…

The Silver Bullet to Increasing Business Value

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Recurring revenue is the brass ring for CEO’s looking to maximize value and create an easily sellable company. Learn how to secure stable and predictable cash flow in your business. A customer base with recurring revenue that is contractual increases the odds that the business will be able to accurately project revenues and cash flow…

Business Growth: Got a CDO?

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Have you ever had the sense you are playing checkers with your business in a chess world? If so read on… Do you have a Corporate Development Officer? If not, you should ask yourself why. Organic business growth is not enough; you need a strategic growth plan in today’s rapid growth rate economy. As Sun…

How Does Utilizing a Business Intermediary Affect The Buyer in a Deal?

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M&A Source has a great short article about how a Business Broker / Business Intermediary can change the dynamics of a transaction. This can be a shift can be a critical component in preserving the deal, overcoming impasses and reducing the amount of time you have to invest in concluding a successful business sale or acquisition.…

Three Key Considerations When Selling Your Business

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If there is one thing I’ve learned about the marketplace for small to mid-size business it is that it is both very opaque and inefficient.  Because you take great pride in your business and feel you have a great operation, you might be tempted to believe anybody in their right mind would seize the opportunity…

How to Buy an Insurance Agency Successfully

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If you are looking to buy an insurance agency in Florida or anywhere else in the United States there are some very important factors that you will need to take into account.  Awareness of these factors can increase the probability that you will end up with a great buy and be completely satisfied with your…

Grooming Your Business – Selling for Top Dollar

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If you’re considering selling your company, make one last investment before you place the company on the market. Take the time to prepare and groom the company for sale. Common activities include organizing the facilities (inside and out), reducing customer concentration, securing key employees, write-off bad inventory/receivables, re-negotiating vendor contracts, secure solid facility lease and…

Do Not Waste Time Looking for a Business! (Until After You’ve Taken This Quiz)

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Acquiring a business is a life-changing event that will change not only your financial situation but also your lifestyle. A business takes a large investment of time, sweat, and tears. For many, matching your business acquisition to your interests or hobbies helps to decrease the chance of losing interest or becoming easily discouraged. There is…

"Edward was there for us every step of the way coaching us through and helping us understand the process. He continually encouraged us to keep our efforts focused on running the business while he took care of the sales process.  He negotiated the sale of the business and 4,000 sq. ft. office building as a package deal!"

– Debra Stuckey, Information Technology Co.