How To Triple The Value Of Your Company & Sell It.

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO – Learn how to boost the value of your company. How to best sell your business? Do you need a business valuation?

The M&A Advisors at Edison Avenue complete business valuations, package your business for sale, implement a comprehensive marketing strategy, access our database of 8,000 buyers, and manage the entire selling process through due diligence and closing. We also have access to quality advisors with expertise in accounting, tax, and legal issues.

The key to achieving maximum value for your business begins with understanding what it is worth in today’s marketplace. We have the extensive experience and resources to properly complete a valuation of your business.

We have a proven track record of helping companies successfully determine the value of their unique businesses.  Ninety percent of the time the Opinion of Value report below will be ideal and provide you a deep understanding of the business’s value and exactly how you can increase that value!  It’s not enough for us to tell you what it is worth we want to tell you how to fix or grow that value by 20% to 50% in the next year or two.

Contact Edison Avenue today to learn more about how to increase the value of your company and your business valuation. Click the link below to watch the interview with Edge Magazine.

Edward Valatis merger and acquisition

Edison Avenue

Edward Valaitis Managing Director of Edison Avenue has earned his Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), Certified Merger & Acquisition Professional (CMAP), Certified Value Builder (CVB). He has more than 25 years of experience building, managing, and selling companies with expertise in business transactions, business valuations and growing businesses. Business Broker serving the United States based in Tampa and Destin, Florida.