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Is it the Right Time to Buy or Sell a Temporary Staffing Agency?

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As firms all across the country have cut their staff and face dwindling revenues, it may seem to ...

Pearls of Wisdom Tips on Selling a Business

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As we begin the holiday weekend I thought this was a great time to reflect on some tips on ...

Grooming Your Business – Selling for Top Dollar

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If you’re considering selling your company, make one last investment before you place the company on the market. ...

A Word of Caution When Hiring Professional Advisors

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Unfortunately, it is not unusual for professional advisors like accountants, attorneys or tax advisors to be deal killers.  ...

The Eternal Question: Build or Buy a Business?

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Should you take your idea and blaze a new and unproven trail to build the next Starbucks? Will ...

Do Not Waste Time Looking for a Business! (Until After You’ve Taken This Quiz)

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Acquiring a business is a life-changing event that will change not only your financial situation but also your ...

Survey: Reasons Business Owners Hire Business Brokers

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In our “do it yourself” society, if there is a perceived way to save money by doing things ourselves few ...

How is the Genuine Value of a Business Derived?

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A valuation is not about determining what a company is worth to the present owner, it is about ...

Winning Against the Odds When it’s time to sell your business

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You tried to sell your business last year and you didn’t find a buyer…. there’s no chance anything’s ...

"Edward was there for us every step of the way coaching us through and helping us understand the process. He continually encouraged us to keep our efforts focused on running the business while he took care of the sales process.  He negotiated the sale of the business and 4,000 sq. ft. office building as a package deal!"

– Debra Stuckey, Information Technology Co.